Mother of impregnated teen released from prison

By JOE MILICIA, Associated Press Writer

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A woman who helped her husband impregnate her teen-age daughter with a syringe has been released after serving about eight months of a three-year sentence.

Narda Goff, 43, of Stow, was released Tuesday after a brief hearing in Summit County Common Pleas Court, where she tearfully told Judge John Adams she was sorry for her actions.

"It's the first time I observed what I thought was some genuine remorse," Adams said after the hearing.

Adams said Goff's deteriorating health was a factor in her release. She has multiple sclerosis and other health problems.

Goff was convicted on charges of complicity to commit sexual battery and child endangering. Her husband, John Goff, 41, was convicted on two counts each of rape and sexual battery, and one count of child endangering. He is serving a 20-year sentence.

The judge said he thought Mrs. Goff, who was unable to have more children after a hysterectomy, was trying to appease her husband when she went along with his plan to use a syringe to impregnate her daughter with his semen.

The daughter, Shenna Grimm, was 16 at the time. Her son, born in 1999, is in foster care.

Grimm told the judge she was glad her mother expressed remorse, is free and will continue to get counseling as a condition of release.

"I hope that someday I am able to re-establish a relationship with my mother," she said in a statement released by the county prosecutor's office.

Narda Goff was placed on five years probation and may have contact with Grimm if her now 21-year-old daughter agrees.

She was released from prison to her mother and will live with her in Mogadore, an Akron suburb.

John Goff's sister, Lynne Cain, said the family was grateful for the ruling but said the teen-ager should have been held accountable, too.

"We're happy Narda's being released. We hope with the appeals John will be out soon," Cain, 46, said. "The impregnation was something that Shenna wanted, and she in fact impregnated herself. You may not agree with what happened, but it was not illegal."

Grimm responded to Cain's comment with dismay.

"Even my mother admits that what she did was wrong," Grimm said. "There have been two separate trials that found what was done was wrong, and all right-thinking people understand that what was done was wrong."

John Goff was convicted in part because of a rape law the couple had campaigned for in the 1990s. The law expanded the definition of rape to include penetration with any object, not just sexual intercourse.

The couple launched their campaign after a man accused of molesting Grimm was acquitted.

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