Action News learns more about local girl forced to be sex slave

CLEVELAND – The 17-year-old Cleveland girl who was kidnapped from a downtown bus stop and forced to take part in a sex ring spent most of Wednesday being examined by doctors, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

On Tuesday, police arrested two men, including the operation's ringleader -- a man known as "Mr. Daddy" by the girls who "worked" for him against their will. The two men are accused of turning an otherwise ordinary home in Detroit into a sex chamber.

The Cleveland girl had just finished working at Tower City last Thursday night when a couple approached her at the bus stop where she had been waiting for a ride home. They said that they would give her a great deal on some jewelry cheap, and that it was waiting for her just around the corner.

She fell for the trap.

The couple walked the girl to Flannery's -- a downtown bar. There was an SUV filled with a dozen people waiting outside. They grabbed her, threw her in the vehicle and drove off.

They brought her to Chicago and then to the non-descriptive house in Detroit. She was quickly forced into prostitution, sexually assaulted and held against her will.

On Wednesday, Action News sat down with Avery Friedman, the attorney now working for the girl's family.

"Today, she's (visiting with) doctors," Friedman said. "What's lined up are the medical doctors, therapists and psychiatrists."

The girl escaped and uncovered the whole scheme when she pleaded for help from a security guard at a Detroit shopping mall. Her attorney said that grab for freedom showed great courage.

"If she failed, she'd be dead," he said.

Instead she lived to tell of the house of horrors, where the leaders would often "violate" the girls to keep them in line.

"The other young women would hold them down and beat them," Friedman said. "They were physically and sexually assaulted."

The Cleveland girl taken from the bus stop never experienced that, but she encountered plenty of other abuse.

Her reunion with her family on Tuesday night was sweet, her attorney said.

"Within 24 hours, this young woman went from utter despair and hopelessness into the arms of her parents," Friedman said.

One of the men under arrest in Detroit is 32 years old and the other is only 17. A formal court appearance was cancelled on Wednesday. A new court date had yet to be scheduled.