Get Fired Up: Laid Off ArcelorMittal Employees Going Back To Work

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Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - Good news for laid-off ArcelorMittal workers.

In response to the high demand for steel, the Cleveland company announced Thursday that it's restarting the C-5 blast funace.

The move is expected to bring more than 1,000 people back to work.


In response to improving market demand, we are restarting C-5 blast furnace, a steel shop, hot mill, pickle line, tandem mill and galvanizing line at ArcelorMittal Cleveland.

We are bringing back capacity in line with improving demand, largely due to the technical recovery occurring as inventory destocking nears completion. However, we do not expect demand to return to the levels seen in 2008 for sometime yet and remain cautiously optimistic for a slow and progressive recovery.

The timing and exact number of employees that will be brought back is undetermined at this time as the facility is still drafting its startup plans. However, some employees may return as early as Monday.

We are working closely with USW local 979 to ensure a safe and successful restart.

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