City of Akron Announces 14 More Layoffs

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The City of Akron today delivered layoff notices to 14 more employees, all of whom work in temporary or seasonal positions.

Eight of those receiving notices have been working as lifeguards at Akron city swimming pools, and were already due to end their seasonal work by the end of August.

Other layoffs were initiated as part of the City's plan to cut expenses to save as many permanent employees' jobs as possible in the fourth quarter of this year.

Layoff notices have been delivered to:

  • 8 lifeguards
  • 1 pool manager
  • 1 Nuisance control inspector
  • 2 planning aides
  • 2 secretaries

Friday is the second round of layoffs announced by the City, which faces a projected budget deficit of approximately $12 million before year's end, due to decreasing revenue from income taxes, property taxes, investments, and state tax-sharing formulas affecting every Ohio city.

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