Fatal Chase: Motorcycle Passenger Killed In High-Speed Police Pursuit

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NEW DETAILS: BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - A motorcycle passenger was killed during a high-speed police chase early Monday morning.

It happened shortly after 2:30AM when a Brook Park police cruiser was passed by a speeding motorcycle on I-480 Westbound. The officer was able to clock the motorcycle on radar, getting readings between 90-100 MPH.

The officer activated his overhead lights and the driver of the motorcycle braked, slowed and exited 1-480 at W. 150th Street. The officer exited at W. 150th and observed the driver of the motorcycle had turned northbound on W. 150th. As soon as the officer came to the end of the ramp, the driver of the motorcycle accelerated at a high rate of speed. The officer, at this point, and throughout the incident, was unaware there was a passenger on the motorcycle.

The officer called his location to Dispatch and his supervisor and proceeded north on W. 150th reporting speeds of 60 MPH. Soon afterwards, when it was apparent the driver was not going to stop, the supervisor terminated the pursuit. This was acknowledged by the officer, who turned off his lights and siren south of Lorain Road. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that the driver of the motorcycle had crashed at 3687 Warren Road, Immediately Cleveland EMS and Police were called to the scene.

The female passenger - identified as 37-year-old Staci Elder - went to Fairview Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The male is being treated at MetroHealth Medical Center. No word on his identity at this time.

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