Editorial: Maintaining the Status Quo

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A much needed plan to reform government in Cuyahoga County will appear on the upcoming November ballot, but as you may know, there is also a competing proposal put forth by the County Commissioners which is designed primarily to confuse voters and de-rail the reform plan.

From now until Election Day, we'll be hearing a lot from both sides, but the biggest noise is sure to come from the side supporting the commissioners plan, a plan that would undertake a study of reform but not actually enact any reform. They will make the most noise because they have the most to lose in any re-organization of county government. They are the existing and entrenched Democratic power structure --the machine that gave us our current corruption scandal and they are not going to relinquish power without a fight.

A slate of fifteen people who want to be elected to the commissioners so called "review panel" revealed themselves over the past weekend and no surprise they comprise the who's who of local democratic party insiders, elected politicians, members of trade unions, connected lawyers, etc, etc.  This group and the rest of the legacy political apparatus in Cuyahoga County are determined to maintain the status quo here all they have to do is spend the next few months trying to outsmart the voters. Let's disappoint them.

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