Exclusive: Lawsuit Against Lorain P.D. Claims Department Tolerated Sex Abuse

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LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - A federal lawsuit filed against the Lorain Police Department claims the department has a pattern of tolerating sexual abuse by cops including rape.

The information comes from depositions given by former Lorain police officers and the Chief..

The Justice Department is in town this week investigating the L.P.D. after two city council members sent them a letter complaining about sexual misconduct and police brutality.

A police officer accused of Forceably Fondling a woman claims in the lawsuit affidavit:

"I have observed what I believe is a pervasive pattern of sexual misconduct by Lorain police officers committed while they are on duty. The Department persistently ignored these reports.I believed that nothing would happen to me as a result of my sexual advances.

"The primary reason I made sexual advances ....while on duty was my knowledge of the City's policy of tolerating such conduct and deliberate indifference toward such conduct by on-duty police officers."

A retired sergeant not involved in misconduct also reported:

"It appeared to me that Lorain police officers engaged in this misconduct without receiving meaningful discipline to the best of my knowledge. As a result of this behavior I believe this led other Lorain police officers to engage in this misconduct which they would not have engaged in."

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