Fake Cop: Male Cop Impersonator On The Loose In Hudson

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HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - New information on a report of a fake cop on the loose.

19 Action News has learned there have now been three people who have been approached by this person.

The fake cop has a dark uniform, badge, and drives a dark blue or green vehicle with a flashing emergency light.

The latest incident involved a 15-year-old kid who was stopped while riding his bike. The teen was threatened with a 250-dollar ticket for riding too fast.

The imposter also pulled over two drivers.

The first driver was asked if he ran over some cones on a freshly painted crosswalk.

When the driver said no, the fake cop checked his tires, then asked the driver for his license. The fake cop later let him go.

Next, a 20-year-old woman says the fake cop pulled her over and told her residents had given him her license plate number due to her past reckless driving record. The woman was released with a fake warning.

All three victims felt something wasn't right about the cop, so they called police and found out he was an imposter!

If you have any information on either one of these events, please call the police at 330-342-1800.

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