Pay Up!: RTA Fares Increase Today For Riders

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Fares will go up 25 cents per ride on Sept. 1 for customers of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

The action will help RTA balance its 2009 operating budget, which has been severely impacted by a projected $18 million shortfall in revenue from a one percent countywide sales tax.

The base fare for one ride will go to $2.25, and the price for an All-Day Pass will rise to $5.

For a complete list of all new fares, go to

Monthly Passes

Monthly Passes for September will be sold at the current amount, because they are purchased before the Sept. 1 fare increase takes effect.

Monthly Passes for October will be sold at the new rate.

Customers who have fare media purchased at the old rate can continue to use them.

Other info

Customers can go to the Web site above to obtain information on:

How to purchases passes and farecards online

The locations of vendors (grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.), that sell fare media

How to have your employers sign up for Commuter Advantage, and purchase monthly passes using pre-tax dollars.


Public hearings on this fare increase were held in August 2008. The fare increase was included in the 2009 operating budget, which was approved by the RTA Board in December 2008. RTA officials hoped they would not have to implement the increase, but when revenue from the one-percent countywide sales tax dipped 18 percent from the previous year, there were no options for balancing the budget.

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