New Red Light Camera Coming to School Zones

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PARMA, OH (WOIO) - The City of Parma is moving forward with its targeted school speed zone enforcement program aimed at protecting the safety of local children, pedestrians, bus drivers and motorists.

The goal is to modify driver behavior in areas where speeding has become a chronic and dangerous issue. The program begins with the start of classes on August 26.

The Parma School Zone Speed Enforcement program is in no way similar to the red light cameras being used in Cleveland and other cities. Parma officials stress the city's program is all about the safety of Parma's most vulnerable residents and not geared to generate revenue.

Members of the Parma Police Department will enforce 20 mile an hour school zone speed limits daily at different locations throughout the city. A mobile van will utilize a portable, high-tech speed-sensing device and cameras. Parma Police officers will monitor the moving targeted speed zone at all times of the day while schools are in session."

The civil fines will cost speeders $100.00. No points will be assessed on their driver's license. Monies collected from speeders will go into the City of Parma's General Fund.

"The City of Parma is taking a no-nonsense, pro-active approach in reminding our residents that ignoring the speed limit has consequences," said Mayor DePiero. "The need for speed has no place in our community. The safety of our children comes first."

"I am happy to say everybody is on board," said Parma Safety Director Gregory Baeppler.

"Members of our police department, city council and local schools understand school zone speeding is a serious problem in cities everywhere. It will be educational for our entire community."

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, more than a thousand school zone traffic accidents were reported over the last three years, resulting in nearly 400 injuries and at least one fatality.

The City of Parma has contracted with Redflex Traffic Systems, leasing computer equipment, cameras and a van from the Phoenix-based company. Redflex operates in 230 cities located in 22 states. Eight of the cities are in Ohio. Redflex is responsible for maintaining all equipment.

"I hear complaints all the time from parents about speeders in school zones in my ward and other areas around town," said Parma City Councilwoman Mary Galinas, Chairwoman of Council's Safety Committee. "This will be a life-saving tool that will benefit and protect all residents in our city."

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