Friends, family remember airport worker killed by propeller

CLEVELAND – If tears could bring back Clyde Harmon, he would be home already.

Action News' Paul Orlousky talked with Harmon's friends and family following a tragic accident Tuesday morning that took the Federal Reserve employee's life.

Harmon was loading cargo onto an airplane at Burke Lakefront Airport when a propeller fatally struck him.

Friends and family, including his grief-stricken mother, were in disbelief at the loss of the 23-year-old whose own life had barely begun.

Harmon's aunt, Michelle Martin, spoke for his mother, who was lost in her grief.

"He was just a loving, caring family member and he's going to be missed tremendously," Martin said.

Martin said that it's a shame that her nephew would never see his 4-year-old son Keyundrea again or play his beloved basketball.

Working overnight at Burke, he somehow was hit by a propeller that was noticeably bent from the force of striking him. An investigation into the incident was immediately started.

"The FAA and the Cleveland Police Department are basically doing the investigation," airport commissioner Kahlid Bahhur said.

Many questions must be answered, including if the plane was moving, if Harmon was able to hear because of ear protection and if weather was a factor. It will take time.

"He was always talking about God, so he was a good guy. I miss him," Harmon's sister, Laquisha Harmon, said while crying.

Harmon's family said that it takes comfort in knowing that Clyde had a strong belief in God. The investigation results won't bring their son and brother home, so faith is all that they have to hold on to.

"I miss him," Laquisha said. "Lord, I miss him. Why did the Lord have to take him? … The Lord has His arm wrapped around him."