Beware: Cleveland Police Add Extra Patrols This Holiday Weekend

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police will be aggressively patroling the streets this Labor Day weekend.

As part of Mayor Frank G. Jackson's EPIC (Enforcement Prevention Intervention and Community) Campaign for a Safe Summer 2009, the Cleveland Division of Police will continue to take enforcement action against those who break the law this holiday weekend.

Cleveland residents can expect to see police patrolling the neighborhoods and will be working with the community to combat crime and to ensure safety throughout the city.

Cleveland Police plan a zero tolerance campaign this weekend with a goal of reducing crime and the opportunity for crime.  Those who choose to engage in illegal and illicit behavior should expect arrest and prosecution to follow.

"We are encouraging citizens and visitors to Cleveland to enjoy themselves this weekend and to take advantage of the many recreation and entertainment options available in and around our great city," said Police Chief Michael McGrath.  "However, we are cautioning those who feel that the law does not apply to them and those that choose violence over common sense that a weekend in jail and a date in front of a judge await should they not heed our warning."

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