Fake Web sites report college enrollment by teen stars

CINCINNATI (AP) - Ohio colleges were inundated with calls after a fake Web site reported that teen-age actresses Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had applied for admission.

"We'd be happy to give them a tour if they want to stop by, and we might even buy them lunch," University of Cincinnati spokesman Greg Hand said Wednesday.

"There's no truth to it. They didn't apply. And Britney Spears isn't coming either," said University of Dayton spokeswoman Teri Rizvi.

"We're expecting 13,000 applications this year ... for 3,450 slots, but we'd be happy to have 13,002 applications," said University of Miami spokeswoman Holly Wissing.

Current and prospective students called admissions officers in droves after seeing the fake links Tuesday and Wednesday. The sites have since been removed from the Web.

The hoax is "all over the country," said Michael Pagnotta, a spokesman for the Olsens, who debuted as infants on ABC's sitcom Full House in the late 1980s.

"In a way, it's flattering so many people want to believe (the twins) will be going to their school," Pagnotta said. "But at the end of the day, none of the reports are true."

The 16-year-old girls (pictured, above) have a year of high school left, he said.

University of Dayton President Daniel J. Curran called his admissions director to tease him about "the celebrity twin initiative that we've implemented on the West Coast."

"Thank God it wasn't Ozzy Osbourne's kids," Curran said.

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