Ohio Receives Extra Flu Funds

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COLUMBUS, OH  - The State of Ohio will receive an additional 29.8-million dollars in federal pandemic preparedness funds to use toward vaccination for H1N1 flu in the coming months.

This third phase of funding brings the total to 50.7-million dollars issued to Ohio since July. The funds will be used to implement H1N1 vaccine planning completed in Phases I and II.

  • The majority of funds from the first two phases were distributed to Ohio's 131 local health departments (LHD).

Approximately 85 percent of Phase I and 94 percent of Phase II funds were given to LHDs to assist in their planning efforts for vaccination, antiviral distribution and community mitigation. While the allocation in this third phase has not yet been determined, the percentage for LHDs will be substantial. Â

  • In addition to the funding designated for public health planning, 3.4-million dollars was given to Ohio to enable community hospitals to enhance health care workforce protection.

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