Editorial: No Interest in the Mayor's Race

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Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - What if they held an election and no one came? That would be an apt description for the primary election held on Tuesday of this week. Hardly anyone showed up to vote in the handful of suburban municipal races and the marquee event, the Cleveland Mayoral Primary attracted a woeful turnout of 35-thousand or so.

Predictably, Mayor Frank Jackson swamped his no-name adversaries amassing a whopping 24-thousand votes which gave him a 20-thousand vote cushion over Bill Patmon who will, for some reason, try again in the general election in November.

About 70 supporters joined Jackson for a victory party at his Carnegie Avenue headquarters Tuesday night. Outside, meanwhile - the crumbling, vanishing city stood as mute testimony to the continued unwillingness of Clevelanders to seek out and support dynamic, visionary leadership. There was no broad choice of proven leaders on the Mayoral ballot on Tuesday and judging from the turnout, did most people care?

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