Over 40 years later, some of Jim Brown’s records have yet to be broken. He became the second youngest player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jim devoted 9 great seasons to this game we call football. So what does he have to show for that?
Jim had 5.2 yards per carry, won the rushing title every year of his career, and became the NFL’s MVP twice. Surprisingly enough, Jim’s talent went beyond the football field. He branched out into acting, doing movies like “Any Given Sunday”, “100 Rifles,” “Slaughter,” and “Sugar Hill,” just to name a few. Not only did these movies show Jim’s other talents, but it also showed critics that some athletes had the ability to act.
Whether he lit up the movie screen, or dazzled people with his moves on the football field, Jim Brown will always be known as one of the greatest football players ever. But yet, his legacy goes far beyond that. Jim Brown is one of the most honest, caring, and talented people of our generation.