Hard to believe we'd be honoring a woman who spent 32,000 hours in jail! But once you hear the explanation you will understand why we chose her. Marion Smith spent 32,000 hours in jail not for committing a crime, but for making a difference.
Her quest for greatness began when she was chosen as the first African-American woman to become a member of the Cleveland Police Department in 1925.
Appointed to work in a place most people would think of as depressing, Marion took her job inside a jail and turned it into a positive experience. Marion decided to help improve the life of imprisoned women. She started programs for women which in turn, inspired women to attend night school. Night school would enhance the skills of inmates and help them achieve higher paying jobs upon release. Marion also increased the confidence of these women, assuring them that they too could have a dream and make it a reality!
Marion Smith proves despite the situation, anyone can be successful. That is a lesson she not only taught the prisoners, but a lesson the prisoners taught her.