Fawn Fight: No Resolution For a Woman Accused of Killing a Baby Deer

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EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - The elderly woman accused of beating a baby deer to death with a shovel appeared in court Thursday morning.

No resolution today in court between lawyers.  Another pretrial is scheduled for October 1.

Dorothy Richardson was slapped with animal cruelty charges. She has pleaded not guilty in court.

The 75-year-old admitted to whacking the fawn with a shovel while the animal was hiding in her flower bed.

Richardson claims she was frightened of the fawn but her neighbor and City Councilman Christopher Gruber told 19 Action News she was proud of killing the deer and wanted to put the fawn's body at the edge of the woods so other deer wouldn't bother her yard. Gruber also said Richardson showed no remorse.

Richardson remains free on bond.

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