Bad Dad: 5-Month-Old Girl Placed On Apartment Balcony So Dad Could Sleep

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LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - A man put his 5-month-old daughter on an apartment balcony for more than an hour because he wanted to get some sleep Thursday morning. It was about 46 degrees outside.

Lorain Police tell say the infant was left outside wearing only a diaper and a thin onsie at the West Erie Avenue apartment.

Police were called by neighbors after they heard the child crying for about an hour.

Officers arrived to the second floor apartment and had to bang on the door several times before the snoozing dad, 23-year-old Duane Balls, came and answered it.

Lorain Police went to the balcony and found the baby girl lying on the wooden floor. She was rushed to Community Regional Medical Center's emergency room.

The baby was treated for a lower body temperature and was released to other family members later.

Balls told Lorain Police he just wanted to get some sleep and that the baby's mom left him with the infant and her 5-year-old son while she went to work.

Police arrested Balls and charged him with endangering children.

Lorain County Children Services is investigating the incident.

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