Nightmare: Repo Company Tows Car With 4-Year-Old Boy Sleeping in The Backseat!

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A car repo company is under fire after taking a car away with a 4-year-old boy sleeping in the backseat.

The repo company drove off with the child's mother, Salimah Tutstone, holding her 1-year-old while clinging to the car screaming that her other child was still inside.

Tutstone tells 19 Action News "she backed up so quick...drug my body, me and the baby about 30 houses."

Ashley Tutstone, Salimah's sister, says she called the car company and told them the car payment was on the way. The car was towed anyways.

The repo driver later abandoned the car with the child still inside about five miles away. "He ended up on 93rd and Hough in the car by himself" said Salimah Tutstone.

19 Action News went to the dealership that was repo-ing the car, "Keeping it Moving" on Broadway, but workers scattered upon arrival, hiding behind locked doors.

Salimah Tutstone was treated at the Cleveland Clinic after the driver ran her over.

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