Blame Game: East Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Says He Didn't Release Flamboyant Photos

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EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO)- Mayor Eric J. Brewer held a news conference Thursday at 10 a.m. to discuss recent events involving alleged pictures of him that were claimed to have been taken from the hard drive of his personal computer.

Mayor Brewer blasted the media, East Cleveland police and his mayoral race opponent Gary Norton for the alleged photos being distributed.

Click here to read Mayor Brewer's entire statement.

Friday, the man running for the East Cleveland Mayor job, Gary Norton says he had nothing to do with the photos being distributed just weeks before the election.



Thursday afternoon East Cleveland Union released this response to Mayor Eric Brewer:

"I would like to take this time to address the statements made my East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer.

Mayor Brewer decided to turn his so called "gutter politics" away from his own alleged disturbing photos to police corruption, making the police somehow responsible for his careless handling of his personal/private photo collection.

We are not affirming who the pictures are but since the Mayor is clearly affirming that we are not doing our jobs and/or doing them improperly, I would like to point out the following:

The Police Corruption that is not being handled, and that "HE" got rid of the former Chief, Detective, and several other officers was based on the work done by the Police Internal Affairs Department. With out their full support to investigate and report the corruption, what could "HE" do?

The fact that named Sergeant, Randy Hicks whosupervises the Street Crimes Unit which he has ordered to be reassigned made no mention of their impact these last two years. The fact that this unit had their lives threatened did not cause the unit to give up, but to move forward and to stay aggressive. The sense of pride knowing that they were impacting the communitypositively by the numerous arrest and convictions they were making. Not to mention the accolades received byresidents in specific to this unit as well as the rest of the Men and Women for cleaning the streets.

The streets are cleaned by two groups, the Citizens and the Police. The alertness, awareness and willingness of the Citizens to report and state on crimes in combination with the Police response, investigations, and arrest are what allow the streets to be cleaned. Not one man staking a claim that "He" has done these things.

To the citizens; We have gone long and hard, day and night to police aggressively for a safer and more warming community. We will continue to police with professionalism and courtesy as well as investigate complaints against abuse through authority.

As we have seen and learned through past practices, theMayor will put his name and picture on things as his"stamp of approval" to show that "HE" is responsible. Well what stamp of approval is this?

To conclude and to serve as a matter of record, the Police Union nor its members had anything to do with the dissemination of any of the obscene photographs alleged of Mayor Brewer. The Police Union Members have however, been passing out flyers in support of FOP Lodge #39 endorsed candidate Gary Norton."

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