I Want It!: Toys "R" Us Announces 2009 Holiday Hot Toy List

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WAYNE, NJ (WOIO)- While times and trends change, one thing remains constant - every holiday season, kids dream of tearing the wrapping off their Christmas presents to reveal the toys that topped their wish lists.
Today Toys"R"Us, the world's leading specialty toy retailer, unveiled its annual Holiday Hot Toy List, filled with 36 items - new this year - that offer outstanding value in quality, price and play. The selected items provide parents with a starting point in developing their holiday shopping checklists.
"The Toys"R"Us Holiday Hot Toy List is the result of countless hours dedicated to tracking, testing and identifying the best products throughout the year," said Karen Dodge, Senior Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Toys"R"Us, U.S. "There are so many great new toys, games and kid-friendly electronics available this year that we had a difficult time narrowing down the items on the list. And, with toys spanning every price point, parents will have lots of affordable fun options to choose from this holiday season at Toys"R"Us."
With more than 60 years of experience as THE toy authority, and with stores in 34 countries, Toys"R"Us  has unique insights into the toy industry and what consumers should consider when shopping for the holidays, including:
There is no ONE hot toy for every child - While attention may be paid to one specific hot toy each year, that item is not necessarily appropriate for every child. The hottest toy for a five-year-old girl may not appear on an eight-year-old boy's wish list. The age and interests of a child are key factors in determining the perfect gift. Shoppers can rely on the toy-trained associates at Toys"R"Us stores to help them find the perfect present.
Quality AND Value matter - Value has two components: what consumers pay for an item and what they get for that price. Toys that last for years to come and provide open-ended play are among the most sought-after items during the holiday season. With thousands of toys to choose from, Toys"R"Us stores have the best and broadest assortment of products that offer both quality AND value.
Availability of hot products is important - Parents are determined to find the toys on their kids' wish lists. With new toy shipments arriving in Toys"R"Us stores daily throughout the holiday season, parents and gift-givers have a better chance of finding the hottest toys, in-stock at Toys"R"Us than anywhere else.

The 2009 Toys"R"Us Holiday Hot Toy List, outlined below, features 36 total items, including the "Fabulous 15," which represents the best toys of the season.  All items on the list are available at Toys"R"Us stores nationwide and online at Toysrus.com/HotToys.

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