Former mayor creates charity to save horses

NEWCOMERSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - Former Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White has used his leftover campaign money to create a charity that rehabilitates abused horses and gives them to children with mental or physical problems.

White (pictured, right) contributed $126,000 of campaign money to his Seven Pines Foundation, which was incorporated last July and is located on his Newcomerstown farm, located about 80 miles south of Cleveland.

Since leaving office at the end of 2001, White moved from his house on Cleveland's east side to the farm, where he has been raising alpacas.

White had about $1 million in his campaign fund when he left City Hall after three terms. Ohio law allows politicians to give their political contributions to charities.

White said that he will not run for office again, but he plans to use his fund to remain active in politics.

"I said I would not be a candidate for any other political offices," he explained. "I did not say that we don't have an interest in furthering the democratic process in the areas where we are concerned about."

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