Editorial: County Corruption Probe Shows Need for Reform

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Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - Boy oh Boy, just when you think the news coming out of the Cuyahoga County Corruption investigation couldn't get any worse....it gets worse.

The Feds filed charges last Friday against a top aide to County Auditor Frank Russo - accusing her of handing off $1.2 million dollars in bribes to him while pocketing $150,000 for herself. Her name is Sandy Klimkowski and she is just the latest in a rogues' gallery of county democratic big shots who are headed to the big house for running the county as their private piggy bank.

The bribes, according to investigators, were paid by lawyers on behalf of V.A.S enterprises in exchange for a $21.5 million dollar contract to conduct commercial property re-appraisals in the county. This bribe is more serious than the others uncovered because it casts doubt on the honesty of the property appraisals done by the company.

As bad as this is, folks, remember there is a remedy. Issue 6 on the ballot in November would totally restructure county government---including the elimination of the county auditors' position. Don't be confused by Issue 5, put on the ballot by the county commissioners to look like a reform proposal but really will maintain the status quo. The depth and extent of the corruption in this county is breathtaking and we have to change the way government is run here. Write it down....YES on Issue 6.

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