D-Day for Creep who Admits to Raping a 2-Year Old

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Bath Township, OH (WOIO) - A Bath Township man has admitted to raping a toddler.

40-year old Dale Perdue pled guilty Thursday to two counts of Rape, felonies of the first degree, Felonious Assault, a felony of the second degree (with one Sexual Motivation Specification), Tampering with Evidence and two counts of Endangering Children, a felony of the second degree and a felony of the 3rd degree.

The victim was just 2-years old.

According to Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh, the little girl was left with the rapist back in March while her mother went out of town. When mom returned she found blood on the bed, on the child's clothes and in her diaper.

During her recovery, the little girl needed reconstructive surgery on her vaginal area.

With with his plea Perdue got a sentence of life in prison with no possibility for parole until after 40 years.

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