Good Lesson: Prostitute Reportedly Set Up Elderly Man to Be Burglarized

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A 78-year-old man was burglarized Friday evening while frolicking around town with a prostitute. The prostitute allegedly set the elderly man up.

The man had a prostitute at his Cleveland Street home and after she performed a sex act on him, she asked for a ride to the Lorain County Community College because her mother was working there.

The two left the home and three men pulled up to the house looking to score some quick loot.

Elyria Police received a call for a break in around 7:11 p.m. and when they arrived, they saw Todd E, Michael, Melvin Blue and Paul Bansek on the property.

Bansek was sitting in the getaway car waiting for the other two males to return.

Police engaged in a short foot chase and brought down the alleged thieves who had several stolen items on their person such as jewelry, watches, coins and guns.

The stolen items were later returned to the homeowner.

The 78-year-old returned home while police were on scene arresting the men and told officers he was with a prostitute known as Kelly and had just dropped her off at the Lorain County Community College.

The victim tells 19 Action News that the prostitute asking for a ride "was just a way to get me away from my apartment."

When police arrested Melvin Blue, he claimed he had broken into the house because Kelly the prostitute knew the man and arranged the whole thing.

"She's a prostitute and a low-life and I've learned a costly lesson" said the victim.

The three male suspects are being held in the Lorain County Jail and police are investigating Kelly's involvement in the robbery.

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