Free Cash: Group of Thieves Break Into Gas Station and Steal ATM

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WICKLIFFE, OH (WOIO) - Early Wednesday morning around 4:05 a.m. a group of thieves stole an ATM from a Speedway Gas Station.

The group of 3-4 suspects used a crowbar to force open the door of the Speedway Gas Station at 29201 Euclid Avenue.

The group pulled a bolted ATM out of the floor and used a dolly to get the machine out of the store and to their vehicle believed to be a Chevy Lumina mini-van.

The suspects were wearing long sleeves, gloves, masks, and or hoods. The race and approximate age of the suspects is unknown at this time.

The color of the minivan is also unknown.

If you have any knowledge of the suspects involved, please call Wickliffe Police at 440-943-1234.

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