In Court: Frank Russo's Office Employee, Sandy Klimkowski Set For Arraignment

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sandy Klimkowski will arraigned in federal court Friday.

Klimkowski was an employee of Auditor Frank Russo and federal agents say she was the point person in a massive bribery and kickback scheme between Russo, and three prominent Cleveland lawyers.

Details in the federal paperwork show that three lawyers in the firm of Armstrong, Mitchell, Damiani and Xaccagnini used Klimkowski as a cash mule, funneling money to Russo and of course skimming cash, as well as siding for her house and a pool deck for her home and that of a relative. Two of the lawyers have been charged. One, Lou Damiani has died.

Federal agents say Klimkowski kept paying Russo until December, six-months after the county raid. She kept receiving cash until February 2009.

As late as July 13th, 2009, the feds have siezed $57,000 from Klimkowski.

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