Stark County Sheriff's Office Receives Safe Communities Grant


Chief Deputy Rick Perez announced today that the Stark County Sheriff's Office has been awarded a grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Ohio Traffic Safety Office.

This award for $62,399.14 will be used to operate the Stark County Safe Communities Coalition for the 2009-2010 year.

Safe Communities is a traffic safety coalition with the goal of reducing traffic crashes and fatalities on the roadways of Stark County.

It is a community based program comprised of law enforcement fire officials, health care providers, educators, community organizations, local businesses, and the public. The coalition works closely with these groups to reduce traffic injuries.

The objective of Safe Communities is to promote community-based solutions to address transportation safety and other injury problems. The coalition is involved in many community activities throughout the year, as well as programs at schools and businesses, It also conducts a traffic fatality review board, which reviews all Stark County traffic fatalities in an effort to identify the causes and promote efforts to eliminate them. These are all important endeavors because even though during the past three years, Ohio's roadways fatalities have decreased to near record lows, Stark County is still one of the leading counties of Ohio in traffic related fatalities. Ohio's seatbelt use is approximately 83%, while the latest statistics for Stark County showed our seatbelt usage to be 64.9%.

Partnerships are critical to the long-term success of any safety effort and we are committed to working with law enforcement and other local and state safety partners to address traffic safety concerns in Stark County" said Chief Deputy Rick Perez. "These funds will help ensure that we can dedicate time and personnel to these efforts."

Any person or group who would like to be a part of Stark County Safe Communities may contact Sharon George, Coordinator at (330) 430-3835.

Safe Communities welcomes all Stark County residents who have a concern for traffic safety issues Stark County Sheriffs Office

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