H1N1 Alert: Two Students Diagnosed with H1N1 at Keystone Middle School

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LAGRANGE, OH (WOIO) - Two students at Keystone Middle School have been diagnosed with H1N1.

The students are not in school this week.

Administrators sent out the following message Wednesday:

"Dear Parents,

We have just been informed two Keystone Middle School students were diagnosed with the form of the flu virus H1N1. These students are currently out of school and at home following visits to their physicians.

In ongoing conversations with the Lorain County Health Department, the question has not been if we will have a student or staff member with H1N1 this year, but when we will have our first confirmed diagnosis. Health department policies have changed because the practice of closing schools for this virus was ineffective - no major health agency including the Center for Disease Control, State Health Department, or Lorain County Health Department is advising school closing for limited outbreaks of the H1N1 flu.

The Lorain County Health Department's website at www.loraincountyhealth.com has extensive information about this virus. When you navigate to this site, scroll down the page to the heading "Seasonal Flu and H1N1 Information." Click on this link to be directed to relevant H1N1 information.

Please remember this is not a situation that warrants panic but one of due diligence. We would like to affirm to parents and community members that our district is taking all reasonable steps to keep our schools healthy and sanitized during this flu season.

Additionally, we are providing parents with pertinent information and directing them to the appropriate venues for additional flu data. We are also requesting your help in this effort. By monitoring your children's health, keeping them home if they are ill, and preparing to pick them up from school if necessary, you can help decrease the spread of both the flu and H1N1 flu virus.


Shirley Burrer

Keystone Nurse, RN

Gary Friedt


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