Local Mayor Gives Employees Unexpected Holiday but no one's Celebrating


CANTON, Ohio - Mayor William Healy announced Friday afternoon that his office would be closed on Monday, October 12, 2009 as a result of his staff taking eight hours of unpaid furlough time.

All Cabinet members and support/management staff under the Office of the Mayor volunteered to take 24 hours of unpaid furloughs as part of the Mayor's overall spending reduction plan announced last month.

"My employees understand that everyone in city government must sacrifice if we hope to make it through these tough economic times. They are to be commended for giving up a portion of their paychecks in order to help the City make ends meet," Healy said.

The list of Cabinet officials scheduled to furlough on Monday, October 12 includes:

  • Service Director Warren Price
  • Safety Director Thomas Ream
  • Finance Director Karen Alger
  • Communications Director Adam Herman
  • Development Director Robert Torres
  • Compliance Director Corey Minor Smith

Five support/management staff under the Office of the Mayor will take an unpaid furlough day on Monday in addition to the Mayor's Cabinet.

October 12 was chosen as an unpaid furlough day because it is Columbus Day, which many other government agencies and institutions take off as a paid holiday (including many state government offices).

The City of Canton does not recognize Columbus Day as a paid holiday, and most other City offices will remain open for business.

Cabinet members have acknowledged they may voluntarily come in to the office even though they will not be paid. The Mayor does not require any employees to report for work without pay as part of the furlough plan.

The Mayor's office will re-open on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 8:30 a.m.

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