Gruesome: Decapitated Animals Washing Up Along Riverbank

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A local man and his wife are sick to their stomachs after discovering decapitated animals along the Black River riverbank near their home over the weekend.

The couple has lived in the area for 52-years and says they have never seen anything like this before.

Herb Lantz tells 19 Action News "a couple of kids across the river hollered at me..did you see the dead dogs?"

Lantz walked over to the river and saw two headless animals and two decapitated animal heads on the riverbank. The animals are believed to be a dog and a goat. Neighbors claim there were ten headless animals found on the same riverbank the previous weekend. Chickens and ducks were among the headless dead.

Shirley Lantz is concerned for pets throughout the area and says "I care about the creatures, it's just wrong."

A knife was found on the riverbank near the animal carcases, Elyria Police are investigating the violent acts of animal cruelty.

Is there a serial animal killer on the loose? Check back for new developments.

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