Akron Mayor Alleges Set-Up, Names Names

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic held a Wednesday morning news conference after being stopped for suspicion of drunk driving early Saturday morning.

Plusquellic alleges a set-up and says a fire lieutenant is behind it.

Plusquellic was stopped after a woman described his car and called police. The witness said a car almost ran her off the road.

Monday afternoon the mayor released the following statement:

"I want to respond to a Cleveland television station report at noon today with reference to a traffic stop by Akron police this past weekend.

On Saturday night, I attended a birthday celebration for an Akron police officer, whom I have known since elementary school.  Numerous Akron police officers were also present for the event.    

I drove from the restaurant into Akron, and as I stopped my car on West Market Street, a police officer approached me and discussed a call that had been made to 9-1-1 with reference to my vehicle.            

After a brief conversation, he returned to his car, then came back to my car and  asked several more questions.

The officer on the scene who was in the best position to make a judgment about the situation did not feel it necessary to take any action, and said it was Ok to leave, and I drove home.

I took notes regarding the accusations being made, and suspected then as I do now, that the call to 9-1-1 was orchestrated for political purposes.

Today, it is clear to me that an Akron firefighter deliberately came to this public restaurant where the birthday party was being held with the intention of setting me up. He and his girlfriend took video pictures from their seat in the restaurant, and when I left, they apparently followed me.

Witnesses have since advised me that the firefighter and his girlfriend, the woman who identified herself to 9-1-1 as "Melanie," immediately made cell phone calls - apparently to police, before they even had time to observe my driving.  They attempted to pass other cars behind me in an effort to get closer to my car as we traveled on Tallmadge Avenue.

Any person - especially a public official - can be an easy target for false accusations. The Akron police officer handled the situation properly and responsibly."

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