Gun Play: Seventh Grader To Remain In Juvy After Packing Heat At Middle School

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FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) - A 7th grade student is in hot water after bringing a gun to Lewis Mayer Middle School yesterday.

Just after 3 p.m. Tuesday, police received a phone call from the Principal of Lewis Mayer Middle School that a student reported being shown what appeared to be a handgun by another student.

Fairview Park Police arrived at the school and began investigating with the assistance of school personnel.

At 5 p.m., a school custodian reported finding what appeared to be a weapon hidden in the ceiling tiles above a toilet stall.

The weapon, unloaded, was seized as evidence.

It was a Smith and Wesson model 940 9mm revolver.

Interviews were conducted by the investigating officer of several students who were shown the gun during the course of the school day.

All of them named the same person as the one who had shown them the weapon.

This 13-year-old 7th grade male student was brought up to the police station for an interview.

The student initially denied any involvement, but eventually admitted to taking the weapon from his mom's safe.

Facts were presented to the juvenile court prosecuting attorney at the Cuyahoga County Detention Facility.

Based upon the prosecutor's ruling, the juvenile was transferred to their custody to await a hearing on weapons charges. The teen appeared in Juvenile Court on Wednesday. The judge ordered him held at the Detention Center until his next hearing on November 3rd.

Parents of all Lewis Mayer Middle School students should feel comfortable sending their children to school Wednesday.

The responsible party admitted to the crime and there is no indication that it was brought to the school to be used or to scare anyone.

The weapon was unloaded, the person responsible is in custody at the detention center and there will be an increased police presence at the school Wednesday.

According to school officials, the responsible student is facing expulsion from school.

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