43 Forum: Same Sex Schools

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CLEVELAND, OH (10/18/09) - Host, Harry Boomer takes a look at same sex schools.  His guests famed Glenville Coach Ted Ginn, Sr. and eleventh grader Robert Richardson talked about the need for and the benefits of a single gender school.

Coach Ginn, who also heads The Ginn Academy, said there is a need for boys to be in an environment that caters to the needs and interests of boys in particular.  That a single gender education setting gives boys a chance to develop in ways they can't and don't in a mixed gender learning classroom.

Richardson agrees saying that girls can be a distraction and that the one on one tutoring is very helpful to him and the other boys at Ginn Academy.

Ann Klotz, Head of School at Laurel School for Girls talked about in a single gender education setting every opportunity is afforded to girls without distraction.

Girls at Laurel School are center of attention and in such a setting they are not afraid to speak up and stand up and be seen as smart and capable.  Girls as a consequence of being in an all girls school don't have to be concerned about impressing boys and that they excel in their studies when given the right learning environment.

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