Elizabeth Taylor Really, Really Likes Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- It is an understatement to say that Elizabeth Taylor likes the new Michael Jackson movie "This Is it."

The legendary actress let loose with a flurry of 20 Twitter messages Monday afternoon, ending with her belief that, "This film should be nominated in every category conceivable."

Taylor, who doesn't get out much these days because of illness, said she screened the movie last week.

The 77-year-old actress occasionally posts short messages to the 175,000 people who follow her "Dame Elizabeth" Twitter account.

Here is an unabridged log of her tweets posted over a half-hour Monday:

"I was honored with the great privilege of seeing 'This Is It' last week. I was sworn to secrecy, but now I can let you know about it."

"It is the single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen," Taylor tweeted. "It cements forever Michael's genius in every aspect of creativity."

"To say the man is a genius is an understatement. He cradles each note, coaxes the music to depths beyond reality."

"I wept from pure joy at his God given gift. There will never, ever be the likes of him again."

"And we have this piece of film to remind us forever and ever that once there was such a man. God kissed him."

"God blessed him and squandered nothing, but loved it all. Michael knew how to put together every tone, every nuance to make magic."

"To say he was a genius seems so little. I wish my vocabulary encompassed what I feel."

"You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again. Memorize it and say to yourselves, 'I saw genius in my lifetime'"

"I loved genius in my lifetime. God was so good to me. I will love Michael forever and so will you, if you don't already."

"I hope I don't sound condescending. I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about, but go to see it again and again."

"I meant to repeat myself. I love you. I remember Michael loved you. He was totally up to now and the message of today in all his songs."

"If you listen to his lyrics they are those of a modern day prophet and it beseeches us to listen to him and what he sang."

"I won't use words like preaching because that is off-putting, but listen. Listen to his messages."

"From 'Black And White', 'Man In The Mirror'. The inspiration behind 'We Are The World'. We must take his words of responsibility seriously."

"We cannot let his life be in vain / and always done with love. Remember that. Remember him and thank God for him and his genius."

"Kenny Ortega did a masterful job of directing the process that goes into making a complete show before hitting the stage."

"From A to Z you get Michael's input on every level. Michael's genius at work with the dancers. Mr. Ortega catches Michael in his every mood."

"You see in front of your eyes Michael's genius blossoming on this piece of film thanks to Kenny Ortega and his crews."

"I truly believe this film should be nominated in every category conceivable."