"Whenever I had a concern with my braces, Dr. Aerni's staff was always happy to help. I enjoyed seeing their smiling faces each time I had an appointment."

"I wish to thank you for your expertise, your patience and your understanding my needs AND for my beautiful teeth."

"I feel that you are all very professional in your work habits and find you and your staff very accommodating and very warm, caring individuals. I look forward to my appointments with you and your staff."

"I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful I think you are. Your kind and professional care make the whole dental experience more palatable. Thanks to all of you."

"I want to say thank you so very much for being so kind and considerate. I know I am not the model patient and all your kindness is much appreciated."

"Thank you so much for your tender care."

"I once again want to thank you for your care of my mother. You have made a difference in our lives. Thank you."

"I want to say thanks for allowing me to do some of the most gratifying work of my career. I always looked forward to your cases coming into the lab." (our dental lab)

"My grown children and I have trusted Dr. Aerni as our dentist for many years.  I can highly recommend that no matter what type of dental work you need done he and his staff make it easy and comfortable.  Because I am an extremely nervous/anxious person, I am grateful for the nitrous oxide.  I can honestly say that having a root canal was a pleasant experience!"

"I must preface by saying that I was on pain medication from my family doctor prior to having the implant procedure done. 

From my point of view as patient, the procedure was extremely easy. I had no problem with the pre-op. Post-op, I had no pain and only a slight discomfort under my nose as though Novocain was wearing off. Used ice packs on and off from the time that I came home through the third day, as prescribed, to keep the swelling down.

Swelling was gone after four days. Discoloration started on the fourth day and lasted a little over a week. Stitches were removed on day 8. Implant feels very comfortable.

I would do it all over again, if need be, and would highly recommend the procedure to anyone considering dentures or replacing standard dentures or individual teeth."

S. Vazquez

"It is amazing to me how technology advances in such a short time. Just several years ago I underwent the traditional implant procedure. This undertaking took a little over 18 months to complete along with multiple appointments.

Thanks to Dr. Aerni and every single one of his wonderful staff, it was bearable. Even though I am 100% satisfied with the end result, I would have chosen to have All-ON-4, had it been available.

Time is precious to all of us so don't waste your time in Dr. Aerni's chair when it is not necessary. Dr. Aerni can complete the work in one day."

S. Brown

"You did an excellent job on the implant today. It's about 5:30 PM and I feel pretty good. I would definitely recommend your team to anybody needing an implant."

M. Kolke

"I recently had six implants placed in my lower jaw. This procedure was done with a very small amount of discomfort and with practically no pain. I am 84 years old and wanted the implants so that my lower teeth would not be subject to movement. As a young man I witnessed many older people that did not even wear their lower dentures because of this movement.

No one should have any fear of pain or discomfort in thinking of this procedure since it is very minimal. I can very honestly attest to this."

D. Hurley

"Prior to my first visit to your office I had another dentist make me an upper and lower denture. Unfortunately, they were not aligned properly, hurt very much and fell out of my mouth when I was eating. You can imagine my consternation.

I live in an independent living retirement home and was embarrassed to go to the dining room for my meals. Thanks to another resident, she recommended me to you.

Result: you made me two new dentures, using the implant method for the lower one. (Amazing-as fearful as I was, it was an utterly painless procedure and only took about an hour and a half.) More amazing, I can now bite and chew my food for the first time in about three years, instead of swallowing clumps of food.

So I wish to thank-you again for your expertise, your patience and your understanding and for my beautiful teeth. Thank you, again."

A. Wolf

"At the beginning of the year 2000 I lost all my teeth in my lower jaw because of an infection, at age 75. A denture was the answer. However, I was not happy with it at all. Like some of my friends and other people I know, I had the same problems. A friend told me about Dr. Aerni, where she had some implants done.

After a visit with Dr. Aerni I decided for implants also. In December 2000 Dr. Aerni started with the surgery and put 8 implants in my lower jaw. The 3 hours of surgery went so well that I felt no pain at all. Since then I have no problems with the implants.

In November 2007 I had surgery for 6 implants – without a problem. The procedure went without pain or complications. I have now 10 teeth on my upper jaw and am satisfied. AND I can smile again.

Dr. Aerni gave me 14 implants altogether and I can say without hesitation that implants were the best solution for me. I am now 83 and I can recommend Dr. Aerni highly to whoever has the same problems I have had."

A. Sternweiler

"Recently I had surgery done in my mouth for a tooth implant.  As anxious as I was about the procedure, it went quickly and without discomfort.

Dr. Aerni and his aides were very professional and caring.  I was very confident in him performing the surgery.

The next day I had minimal swelling and no pain.

Like a walk in the park."

                                                                                                                                         H. Pullen