Sick Assault: Father Sits Behind Bars As Newborn Son Clings To Life

Courtesy: MySpace
Courtesy: MySpace

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 17-day-old baby is fighting for his life after a sickening case of child abuse.

Little Aiden Porosky's father - Christopher Porosky - is suspected of harming his young son while the baby's mother - Rachel Casteel - was at work.

When Casteel returned home, she noticed Aiden was listless and rushed him to Metro. Doctors immediately suspected violence. The child has retinal bleeding, an indication of being shaken.

The 24-year-old father claims he dropped Aiden and he hit his head on a table but the table is padded and the apartment floor has rugs leading police - and neighbors - believe otherwise.

"He said yesterday afternoon he heard, um, the guy saying shut the (expletive) up and pounding and then you didn't hear the baby for a while and then that's when all the cops came," said neighbor Christine Gates.

Little Aiden is on life-support this hour. If he survives his injuries, it is likely he will be permanently blinded.

Porosky is jailed but has yet to be charged.

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