Editorial Issues 3 and 6

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Never has an election been more important to Cleveland and Cuyahoga County than the one being held next week. You must vote and you must vote'Yes 'on two very crucial issues.

Issue 6 is the proposal to radically restructure county government. It would eliminate most of the political patronage which has corrupted our local government and it would aid tremendously in boosting economic development. Do not be fooled by Proposition 5 - the approval of which would accomplish nothing. Vote 'No' on 5 and 'Yes' on 6.

And then there is Issue 3, the controversial proposal to allow casino gambling in Ohio. The gambling issue has failed multiple times in Ohio, but this time polls say it may well pass...and folks - that would be good for Northeastern Ohio regardless of what opponents say. It makes absolutely no sense for us to continue to send gaming money across borders to other states.   It is unfortunate that the state constitution has to be changed to allow it...and it doesn't seem fair that ownership of the casinos would be granted, at least initially, to just a couple of companies....but the time has come for Ohio to join the 21st Century and approve casino gambling.

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