Cold Case: New Hope for Families Waiting for Answers in Unsolved, Cold Case Crimes

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ONLY ON 19 ACTION NEWS: (WOIO) - New hope for families waiting for answers in unsolved, cold case crimes.

Some big bucks just came in to pay for a Cuyahoga County Cold Case Squad. The unit had actually run out of money solving old crimes until County Prosecutors secured a $500K grant.

The squad formed back in 2006 and brings together state and local law enforcement agencies targeting violent crimes most people have forgotten.

"So the real problem is, there's so much happening today that the detectives are busy with what happened last night, they don't have time to look back at what happened in 2002, so this money that has come in from the Department of Justice to pay for the overtime, or pay for the time for current and retired detectives to look at this stuff is really paying dividends," said County Prosecutor William Mason.

For more information on the offices Cold Case Squad click HERE.

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