Hopeful: Community, Family Members Gather Outside Imperial Avenue Home For Victim Vigil

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nearly one-hundred community members, family and friends of missing persons gathered outside of the Imperial Avenue home where six bodies were discovered last week.

Dozens in attendance are waiting to learn the identities of the murder victims either for closure or renewed hope.

Kyana Hunt spoke of her mother possibly being identified as one of the murder victims. "I really hope it is not...if it is it would bring closure. I really hope it's not because it is a terrible wa to go for everybody. Not just my mother, but for all the members looking for their family."

Michelle Mason has been missing for over one year. Mason's two sons gathered at the vigil with a flyer showing their mother's photo and their contact information. Mason's son said "we're here in hopes this could probably put a close to everything."

The Cleveland Police Departments receives approximately ten missing person reports a day. The majority of those reported are recovered within 24-hours of them being reported.

If you have person you would like to report missing, the Cleveland Police Department has made a detective available for interviews everyday from 7am to 7pm at the Fourth District Police Department if you think they could be one of the victims. Citizens are encouraged to take a photo and biographical information related to any missing or suspected missing persons to the 4th District.

Meanwhile, the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office is working hours on end to identify the six bodies recovered from the Imperial Avenue property. The bodies are all in various stages of decomposition.

The Coroner announced Monday that all six bodies were female and African American. Five of the six had died from strangulation.

Convicted rapist and suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell is behind bars for now. Sowell has yet to be charged.

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