Editorial: Hooray For Us

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mark it down folks, Tuesday of this week was an historic day in Ohio and Cuyahoga County. It was the day voters threw off the yoke of one party machine politics in greater Cleveland and also turned away from a nineteenth century superstition about legalized gambling. Hooray for us!

Vvoters in Cuyahoga County cast their ballots overwhelmingly for Issue Six which will radically re-structure county government - dismantling a political apparatus dominated by the Democratic Party for half a century and rife with patronage and corruption. The old guard political hacks -desperate to maintain the status quo - did everything they could to confuse and frighten voters. But in the end it didn't work. Hooray for us!

And Issue Three, the gambling issue, won statewide by 53% of the vote. After a string of four defeats at the polls, Ohioans finally took their state into the modern age allowing the construction of four casinos to compete with those now siphoning dollars to neighboring states.  Pundits say the weak economy is what finally tipped the balance for support of the casino issue. It doesn't matter, it's an idea whose time has come for Ohio. Hooray for us!

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