Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini's Thursday press conference with the media

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody.  Yesterday we spent the day working on first and second down specific things, indentifying some areas that we want to really emphasize.  Different periods reflected that emphasis.  We went back through and looked at some core offensive plays, schemes, approaches, defensive plays, schemes approaches, same thing on special teams, those things that we'll be carrying forward through the next eight games and where the breakdowns have been through the early part of the season.  Then make those adjustments, make the technique corrections, really bring an awareness to the group.  This time is great for us to go back and watch our tape, our players, look at our statistics and really move in a direction that can fix those things. To some degree, you look at what's worked well, not just from our perspective, but against us.  There are certain things that we'll incorporate in all three phases and you install those.  Last night it shifted to third down, some more work on two-minute, some of the sub blitz packages both ways and installed that this morning, worked on that this morning.  We'll go out and practice it.  The players will come back on Monday and we'll emphasize the red area, the goal line, the things that we normally do on Friday that day and move in to a regular week after that.  I think it will be good for the players to have a chance to get away, recharge and come back ready to go on Monday."

(On Eric Barton's injury)- "Eric, like any of our injured players, is going through tests and we'll see where it is.  That's where we're at right now, just testing and evaluating, then we'll make a decision."

(On if Barton practiced yesterday)- "No, he didn't practice yesterday."

(On if everything is okay with Jamal Lewis)- "Yes, he's back here today."

(On if he has made a decision at quarterback yet)- "No, not yet.  I'm really going to look at that in the context of the last eight games, look at the next eight games and evaluate it up to this point and also looking forward."

(On when he will make a decision at quarterback)- "Probably early next week."

(On how much work gets done during the bye week)- "It's really three [practices], because we use Monday the same way.  It's just how you want to space it.  Sometimes you do it three in a row.  I like this format.  It's been good, in terms of my experience with it.  Each year it's been a little bit different.  The first year in New York, really every year in New York, we've been able to make significant strides, especially defensively with where we were prior to where we were after that.  Some of that's a function of, definitely the first year it was a function of, playing the techniques better and being able to show where those technique breakdowns were and how much yardage that resulted in or how many scores that resulted in.  I think the guys really came back and focused on that and we didn't have nearly as many of those.  The whole complexion of the defense changed.  Each year it's been kind of like that.  I don't want to make any predictions, but to be able to take a step back, look at it objectively, look at it with some time, show it to the guys in a real meaningful way and more in depth, I think, helps."

(On if there is more to correct this year than he has had in the past)- "It's a little bit different this year because you have the injuries, losing D'Qwell (Jackson).  That changes things dramatically.  We'll have to see where Eric is, things like that.  Guys have missed games along the way, whether it's Steve Heiden, Robert Royal and playing some new guys there, with Rex (Hadnot) and Hank (Fraley) and his role, really Floyd (Womack). [It's] been a little different situation that way."

(On who is dealing with the waiver wire and transactions)- "The whole pro department, so Steve Sabo, Keith O'Quinn, those guys are both in-house all the time.  It's something that they've done week in and week out.  It's been part of the process that's in place. I always get the wire. The coaches get the wire.  That's how it is pretty much every place.  We'll have some workouts here tomorrow and see where we are."

(On if any players will discuss their role with him)- "Yes, there will be multiple guys that will come up.  They're working through Luke (Steckel) and trying to set times for that.  Some of those are set up for tonight, tomorrow, different guys that are going to be in town.  Most of the guys will."

(On how many players he expects to work out tomorrow)- "I don't know.  It's different over different points of the season.  It could be five, it could be 10.  I'm not sure yet.  We'll finalize the number here."

(On how he would briefly sum up the two quarterbacks through the first half of the season)- "I don't know if you can briefly sum up the performance in any phase. That's the nice thing right now, Jeff (Schudel), is you don't have to briefly sum it up.  You can really look at all the throws, look at all the routes, look at all the missed opportunities, break downs, positive plays. That's what's really positive right now, is we can look at that, they can look at that, make adjustments.  That's what we're doing through the course of this week and early into next week."

(On if the starting quarterback plays poorly, will he put the other quarterback in for the second half against Baltimore)- "I'm not really looking to do that, in terms of changing. That's not my goal at any point, but you're always looking to, hopefully, moving things forward."

(On Brian Robiskie)- "I think there's been some times where he's been open and hasn't gotten the ball.  There's been some times where he hasn't been open.  You want all those guys if they're on the field to be able to make plays, to have the opportunity to make plays, in terms of getting the football, not just Brian, but really the whole group."

(On if he plans to see more of the rookies in the second half of the season)- "We've seen quite a bit of those guys.  Mohamed's (Massaquoi) played significantly.  Brian's played significantly.  Kaluka's (Maiava) played significantly.  David's (Veikune) played a big part on special teams and he got some play time last week defensively.  Coye Francies has played.  [He] played some defense last week and on special teams. Alex (Mack) has started every game and has got 100 percent of the reps and plays a role on the kickoff return team, the PAT team.  Did I leave anybody out?  I think that's all of them."

(On if he has made any conclusions about the coaching staff)- "Tomorrow what we'll do, Jeff (Schudel), is I'll sit down with the full staff and we'll go through personnel.  Then I'll sit down with each side of the ball and we'll talk through specific things to that side of the ball.  [I will] spend time with each coach as well.  [We will] go through and see where we are from a personnel perspective, from a scheme perspective, more of a summary-type thing and good discussion.  Then also be able to sit down with the guys individually and spend some time with them as well."

(On the middle linebacker position)- "I thought last game, we had a lot of guys who played some roles in there.  Kaluka has the most play time of any of those younger guys.  David Bowens started and I thought played well.  Really, this is his sixth game starting there.  He had played at other points in New York in more limited roles inside there.  (Jason) Trusnik's played inside there. Blake (Costanzo), he's played more of a substituted defense type role, but he's always worked with the base as well.  There are a lot of different combinations of guys and potentially there could be some guys that are added."

(On Marty Schottenheimer saying the team has underachieved)- "I know Marty pretty well and I like Marty a lot.  I talked to him a lot when I was in New York with Brian (Schottenheimer).  I feel very good about our relationship and I feel very comfortable with it.  He would call if he had any suggestions."

(On if the team will run more no huddle the second half of the season)- "I'm never opposed to that.  I like it, so it's something that we'll continue to work on. It hasn't played as big a role in the early part of the season.  We'll just see how that goes here."

(On why they haven't used the no huddle more)- "[We] didn't really feel that where we were at that it was going to help as much as doing the things that we were doing.  Like I said, I've had good experiences with it and I'm not opposed to it at all."

(On fans and media thinking he has not revealed his plans for moving forward)- "I think that I've shared, pretty consistently, what the plan is moving forward, what the vision is moving forward, what the types of things that we're committed to are and the process that's in place to get to that point.  I believe in those things and I also know that it takes time and it's not a function of trying to frustrate anybody, or try to deliberately make things more difficult for you guys (the media).  That's not my goal at all.  I do think that there is a plan in place and it's something that we're working at and we'll continue to work at it."

(On Alex Hall)- "Alex has played some different roles.  He's played some more significant roles defensively at different points in the season.  He played quite a bit against Cincinnati.  He usually plays, to some degree, each game on defense, whether it be in the substituted defense or the base. What I liked last week that Alex did, a  couple really good things, facing the punt returners that we were facing, he did a really nice job in understanding what he had to do at the line of scrimmage to free up, made I thought an outstanding tackle at one point on the punt team.  That was real progress by him.  It's something he's worked at.  I talked to the guys a lot this morning about special teams. Those guys that are on the practice squad, those guys that are inactive, if they can do something there, that will change.  Some of the guys that are active that aren't doing very much there, it could change for them too, the other way."

(On his plans this weekend)- "I'm going to spend some time with the kids this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to.  Maybe get to the parent-teacher conferences tomorrow night, I'm not sure what we're going to cover with a kindergartener and a preschooler.  I remember my dad telling me that when he went to mine in kindergarten and they said I wasn't a very good carrot peeler and he told the teacher that's always been a weakness of his.  I don't know if it's carrot peeling or what we'll cover, but it's great.  It's great just to sit down with them, to play with them, to do stuff that you don't normally get to do during the course of the season.  Sometimes it's hard to explain to them why, but it's a nice opportunity."

(On if Randy Lerner has made any movement on bringing in a football authority)- "I don't really have any updates to share."

(On if he will have input on who the football authority will be)- "Randy and I talk a lot, so I'm sure we'll be very engaged in that."

(On when he expects someone to be brought in)- "I'm not sure what the timetable will be, but I do feel good about the process we have in place and the different departments we have in place.  In terms of the exact timetable, [I] don't really have that."

(On if it is hard to get someone in that role mid-season)- "[We are] just going through the process, so I'm not sure how that will all play out.  We have to really see what's there, see what's available."

(On if not having a GM is an issue day-to-day)- "I do feel good about all the things that we have in place, in terms of the pro department, the college department, the structures, the systems there, the things mechanically, in terms of dealing with agents or transactions.  I think Dawn Aponte is excellent at those things, so I feel strongly about our ability to function effectively in all of those areas."

(On what George Kokinis did on a daily basis)- "There is a whole list of items that that position covers.  There are a lot of different things that that position covers."