The Missing: Families Desperately Seeking Information On Missing Loved Ones

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The unspeakable crimes Anthony Sowell is accused of committing has put an entire neighborhood on edge.

Families with loved ones missing are desperate for answers. The following missing persons posters have been displayed outside the home of the suspected Cleveland Strangler.

A dedicated e-mail tip-line has been established for tips and information related to the Imperial Avenue investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to e-mail tips by clicking HERE.

Tonia Carmichael 
Missing since 11-10-08, Confirmed Victim 11-04-09

Telacia Fortson  
Last seen June 09, Confirmed Victim 11-05-09

Tishana Culver 
Never reported missing, Confirmed Victim 11-05-09

Nancy Cobbs
Missing since 4-24-09, Confirmed Victim 11-06-09

Fasania L. Jackson
Missing since 10-01-09

Jennifer Gayle Decaprio
Missing since 12-18-06

Michelle Mason - Confirmed victim Nov. 7th
Missing since 10-08-08

Kimberly Sharp
Missing since 09-02-08

Tiffany Jennifer Papesh
Missing since 06-13-80

Gloria Walker
Missing since 05-20-07

Norma Rodriguez

Ashley Nichole Summers
Missing since 07-09-07

Amelda Hunter - Confirmed victim Nov. 7th

Michelle Mason - Confirmed Victim Nov.7th

Crystal Dozier - Confirmed victim Nov. 7th

Kim Yvette Smith

Last seen Jan. 2009, Confirmed victim Nov. 9th

Janice Webb

Last seen June 3, 2009 - Confirmed Victim Nov. 9th

Lashanda Long

Last seen August 2008 - Confirmed Victim Nov. 11th

Georgina Lynn Dejesus - Missing

Amanda Marie Berry - Missing
Jennifer Gayle Decaprio - Missing
Christina Adkins - Missing

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