I Understand: Mayor Jackson Shares Pain With Cleveland Mourners

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Police, fire and coroner investigators will not resume their search of Anthony Sowell's Imperial Avenue home.

This, after officials combed the walls, floors and the yard for more remains and evidence on Thursday.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson came to the home late Friday morning. He said he waited to visit because he did not want to be a distraction while officials worked to gather evidence, and, possibly more bodies.

So far, 11 bodies have been found at the convicted sex offender's home. All are African-American women - most had been strangled.

Only three victims -  Tonia Carmichael, Telacia Fortson and Tishana Culver - have been positively identified. The coroner's office is requesting that families with missing loved ones come forward to provide DNA samples.

Jackson says he and his residents "share in the suffering" of the situation. He revealed that he has members of his family who share the "same social conditions of life" as the Cleveland Strangler victims.

"I am here sharing with them complete understanding of what they have gone through as family members but also as someone who has shared the same kind of problems in their family," said Jackson. "I share their pain."

Anthony Sowell - who is currently unemployed and wears a pacemaker for a heart condition - is being held without bond at the Justice Center. He's charged with aggravated murder, rape, felonious assault and kidnapping.

Sowell could land on death row if convicted of the charges filed against him.

A candle light vigil is slated for the victims of the Cleveland Strangler this evening in Cleveland. The vigil - called "A Moment of Healing" - will take place from 6-8PM at Luke Easter Park off MLK boulevard.

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