Editorial: Swine Flu and Government Health Care


Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - If the federal government's handling of the current Swine Flu Epidemic is any indicator then the prospect of Washington managing universal health care for all of us ought to incite an epidemic of nervousness.

With the disease beginning to pack patients into hospitals across the nation less than half of the H1N1 vaccine expected to be delivered by now has been shipped.

In early October, the government was forced to announce that only about 28 million doses would be available by the end of the month, a lot less than the 40 million doses that the Obama Administration promised. But now health officials are saying that only 16 million doses will be available.

The fact is that as far back as April when the flu outbreak began federal projections about the vaccine have been consistently over optimistic. There are a lot of reasons why it's taking so long to get sufficient supplies of the vaccine mostly having to do with outdated methods of production and typical bureaucratic bumbling.

That will be a small consolation to anyone whose life is threatened by the flu and a cautionary tale for sure as the nation moves closer to more governmental control of our health care.

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