Family Ties: Anthony Sowell's Cousin Claims Horrific Abuse

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More and more women are coming forward to claim abuse by suspected Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell.  
None, perhaps, more stunning than Sowell's own cousin, Leona Davis.
"He's evil, he's very evil." says Davis.
The 49-year-old says Sowell robbed her of her childhood. She says she was just 8-years-old when Sowell started to rape her on a daily basis. The sexual abuse, she claims, went on for several years inside the East Cleveland home where she lived with Sowell and her siblings.
"Go up stairs, that's what he would tell me," says Davis. "I didn't know what he wanted at first then I found out once we got upstairs. He wanted to have sex."
Davis said she did reach out but her cries for help went unheard. She hasn't seen Sowell in 30-years.

Davis says she aches for the victims. All women, she believes, her cousin killed. 


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