Editorial: A Terror Attack

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There is a lot of smoke and mirrors being employed by the Army and the White House in the wake of Major Nidal Malik Hasan's shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas. Almost within moments of the attack that killed thirteen American servicemen and women, authorities began characterizing the assault as the act of a deranged officer, a Muslim soldier who had been harassed and who snapped under stress.

But the evidence doesn't paint so neat a picture. It is more obvious that Hasan, over the past several years, had become a radical Muslim and that his rampage was a deliberate act. We have learned that he communicated by e-mail with a notorious Jihadist cleric and he apparently preached anti-American propaganda to anyone who would listen. In a 2007 slide presentation to other flabbergasted officers, Hasan laid out a case that the war on terror was a war against Islam. It turns out that the FBI and other intelligence services were aware of his behavior but no formal investigation was launched.

There are 3,500 Muslims in the military and millions of others live peacefully in this country.    For those and other reasons - the U.S. Government will remain reluctant to label the Fort Hood shootings as a Muslim terrorist attack. But that's certainly what it appears to be and if so then Major Hasan - though educated by the American military and wearing an American uniform - is nevertheless a terrorist.

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