Locked Up: Judge Increases Accused Cleveland Strangler's Bond

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Cleveland, OH (WOIO) - The man accused of being the Cleveland Strangler went before a judge Friday morning.
Anthony Sowell was arraigned on the charges from the September 22nd attack on a woman.
Police say Sowell spotted the victim walking near East 116th Street and coaxed her to his house. He then allegedly raped and strangled her with a cord until she lost consciousness.
When she regained consciousness, she went to the hospital and police began investigating.
In this case, Sowell is charged with attempted murder, rape, kidnapping and felonious assault.
It was this case that prompted the search warrant which led to the gruesome findings of eleven victims in and around Sowell's Cleveland home. Ten victims have since been identified.
The judge ordered Sowell be held on an additional $1M dollar bond. He was already being held on $5M bond on charges stemming from the bodies found at his Imperial Avenue home.
Meanwhile, the FBI is expected to bring thermal imaging cameras to the vacant home next door to Sowell's house of horrors to search for more evidence. 

Sowell - who is currently unemployed and wears a pacemaker for a heart condition - is being held without bond at the Justice Center. He's charged with aggravated murder, rape, felonious assault and kidnapping.

Sowell could land on death row if convicted of the charges filed against him.

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