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Gets Action: Carl Monday Investigation Resolves Euclid Corridor Concrete Issue

RTA Euclid Corridor Project RTA Euclid Corridor Project

19 Action News gets Action, again and this time its thanks to Carl Monday.

You may recall, in 2008 Carl Monday exposed employees of the Perk construction company.

One of his investigations exposed the local concrete contractor was cutting corners by using banned chemicals on the massive RTA Euclid Corridor Project.

They were putting the chemical calcium chloride in the mix, just to make it dry faster.

Now as a result of Carl Monday's investigation Perk is being punished...big time.

It'll lose $200,000 in payments from the RTA and be forced to extend the corridor's warranty against cracks by an additional two years.

RTA says this controversy is now over.

But it's still the subject of an FBI investigation in Washington.

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